What if you are not qualified for bank loans?

A lot of businesses that do not qualify for bank loans benefit greatly through our operation. Granted, the interest rates are higher compared to bank rates but a business is guaranteed continuity through the cash advance. Other benefits include;

No security required – A merchant cash advance does not require anything to be held as security comparable to what banking institutions do. A business, therefore, does not have to undergo the unfortunate situation of losing its shares or assets trying to repay a loan. In addition, there is no issue of the credit score involved. As such, the credit rating remains unaffected and the business can comfortably meet its financial obligations. However – if you do have collateral available we can use it lower your payments and further qualify you for a business loan.

Reasonable requirements – to qualify for a merchant cash advance, a business needs to be in operation for at least six months. Additionally, if your business utilizes credit cards the lowest monthly proceeds on the credit cards should be $2,000 – $5,000. This depends on the merchant company you select. The procedure does not call for much as long as the business can present recent tax returns, bank statements and its prospects.

Credit history is irrelevant – A business can get up to five million dollars regardless of its credit history. The money is tax-free and, it can be issued within hours. The documentation process is simple and does not require much, as mentioned earlier. This affords a business the chance to carry out its transactions as soon as possible and fund growth prospects.

The process is unbiased – for a business to qualify; overall accomplishments are the determining factor. This means that based on a business’s productivity, chances of getting the merchant cash advance are very high. In addition, we are able to take other variables into account to genuinely grasp the big picture about your business instead of relying upon a single score.